Management by Provocation

When you are leading people, you will come into a lot of situations where you find the need to influence them not only in their behavior about what they are doing but also on a deeper level regarding their attitudes and work habits. When you read the literature about influencing people, you usually come across the “soft approach” as I would call it. You influence them by encouragement, appreciation, empathy and mild criticism. You are showing the positive aspects of the requested change and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

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Monkey Business: The 4 levels of insight

Whenever you are working on a task that actually somebody else should be working on, but this person somehow managed to transfer the task to you, you have fallen victim to monkey business. It comes in a variety of forms of which the most common is the so called “back-delegation”: You are assigning a task to an employee, but the employee asks you to do some kind of preparation for you, so that he or she can start the task.

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